Storytelling for entrepreneurs

vruksh ecosystem foundation & misfits global

Event Date: 13th Feb 2021.

Host: Anupam Pandey, community manager at VEF.

We, Vruksh ecosystem foundation had again organized an interesting, interactive session for its Misfits series with Anu Sachdev as our guest to discuss the most exciting parts of conversations – stories and startups. We talked about how stories impact us, connect us, inspires us, helps us.

This event was hosted by our community manager Anupam Pandey who made sure the session was not only informative but also fun. She gave a start to the event with the introduction of the Vruksh ecosystem foundation – an incubative, innovative, mentoring, and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

She also introduced our speaker of this extraordinary talk show, Ms.Anu Sachdev – she is a change enabler, storyteller, and co-founder and director at Change designers. Truly, an inspiring personality.

Taking the example of the Misfits 2020 event Anupam asked,’ why are stories important and if they are, then why doesn’t everyone use them? ‘

` Whenever someone asks us what we do we answer like I am at this post. I do this, I do that but we fail to explain or ignore what it is to experience what we do. What helps us to explain this experience is stories,’ says Ms. Sachdev.

Coming to the question of why now? Well, markets are changing. To stand out from the competition filled with saturation and technology you need your own unique story.’

The conversation went on with topics like story types, what emotions should be involved, resources needed to make a story, feedback, relationship building, and many others.

Anu says,`that for building a story identify the most important aspect of your system that you think is to bring the change, your vision, and then decide how to define those abstract concepts of change into solid elements.’

Many real-life examples were discussed which enabled the audience to remember the essence of the talk show. 

Finally, when the session was opened for the audience to ask questions many inquisitive questions came up and were brainstormed upon.

Concluding with the essence of the show:

‘Share your story, share it wherever possible, share it how many times as possible, and share it with as many as possible. Secondly, share your journey not just what you are doing, but where you come from, what to do you bring along. What’s the value you are adding? People want to know you, want to connect with you.’

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