School of Emerging Tech

Future of Education!

In near future, we envision an alternative higher education, wherein learners will be empowered through exposure to 

  • cutting edge technologies,
  • real world applications, &
  • domain experts,

such that they are primed to join the workforce. We have developed unique model which serves specific needs of an industry.

A Unique Model

SET runs programs for specific skills, that companies look for in candidates. These programs are co-designed with industry and hiring partners to help students & professionals master key skills. The program ends with a successful* transition to employment. 

Across the domains of –

  1. Digital Design & Manufacturing,
  2. Embedded Electronics & IoT 
  3. Cloud Computing & AI/ML. 
Process Involved
  • Gather Industry Requirement. 
  • Design Specific Curriculum. 
  • Industry Access Program - 12 to 24 weeks. 
  • Facilitate Placements.

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