The function of the Network remains to be untapped & under utilized in ecosystems not just locally in India but also Globally. 

Vruksh taps into the global network using a templated approach also maintaining the uniqueness of each geography. We envision a future of a more connected ecosystem with a pedigree of world-class entrepreneurs & innovators. 

Pillars of growth

  • School of Emerging Technologies
  • Startup: Zero To One Bootcamp
  • Incubation & Acceleration
  • Immersion Experiences
  • Government-led Programs
  • Industry Innovation
  • Mentoring App
  • Community Connect
  • Text Based Learning

Our Board

They bring years of experience and knowledge to #BuildTheFuture

R. Ramakrishanan

aXYKno Capital

Jayaroopa Jeybharati

Patamar Capital

Kamlesh Pande

Adjunct Professor,
IIT Bombay

Vijay Phanshikar

Chief Editor,

Prathibha Sastry

Host, The PS Show

Executive Team

The hands-on-deck which ensures smooth functioning of the organization.


Co-Founder & Executive Director


Co-Founder & Associate Director - Finance


Co-Founder & Lead - Europe


Associate Director - Operations

Neha Jain

Associate Director - Partnerships

Prasenjit Debroy

Associate Director - Program Management

Viresh Dhawan

Associate Director - Technology

Naman Bajaj

Lead - Bangalore

Sonam Patel

Operations - Associate

Komal Mowade

Finance - Associate

Arushi Sethi

Legal Associate

Veer Mishra

ex-Officio Director