How it Works?

We have designed a unique platform for delivering an ROI to regular mentorship. A structured program that takes you through a journey of self improvement, and connecting to the right kind of mentors. 




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    Mentoring is a form of life-long learning for both the mentee and mentor. The mentoring program matches a mentor with a mentee from the mentors/mentees pool. Mentors can provide support, information and advice, and share professional and personal skills and experiences. The match is based on needs and criteria identified by the mentee. Though our Business Mentoring Program we aim to bring together a diverse pool of experienced and professional experts who are dedicated to transferring their business knowledge to entrepreneurs seeking business guidance and advice. In addition to being connected to a core mentor, entrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to attend workshops on marketing, finance, strategy and other business fundamentals.


a) Mentors:

        • A successful track record as an entrepreneur, senior executive or professional in any sector.
        • Breadth and diversity of network
        • Willing to give back to the community.
        • Commitment to 9-12 months mentoring program (i.e. Approximately 4 mentoring hours per month)

b) Mentees:

    • The startup has been operational for at least 6 months OR you have a demo-able prototype ready. 
    • A product/business with a strategy & vision (e.g. willingness to expand and grow)
    • Commitment to 6-12 months mentoring program (i.e. Approximately 12-24 mentoring hours).

Mentors and mentees will be able to apply for the roles through a comprehensive application form on our portal. Screening and selection will be conducted by a group of experienced facilitators. Each candidate will undergo specific training to ensure maximum impact.

The mentors and mentees will be selected through a comprehensive application form and then be listed on our website’s database to enable mentees to choose their mentors.

Mentors and mentees will be matched based on sector, learning style, expertise & challenges, and personality.

We are actively working on a more automated matching process which will show the mentees only the relevant mentors in their domain. 

While we focus more on a voluntary approach to give back; it is upto the mentor if they want to charge for their sessions. Such information needs to be clarified during onboarding process; and the platform will act as an intermediary between the mentor/mentee. We request the mentees to not engage in any financial transaction without our knowledge, in such case the platform will not be liable for any damage caused.  

Yes. We charge a minor subscription fee of Rs 500 per month from the mentees to use this platform. The fee is utilized for development and upkeep of the platform. VEF is a section-8, not-for-profit entity, and any gains generated will be utilized to improve this initiative. 

Most of the business/career MENTORSHIP relationships will last for a year while VEF will continue to monitor the impact of the relationships for the following three years.


The platform has a unique feedback mechanism which allows us to monitor the progress. It is essential for each member to fill the feedback post every session.