Ekatra: The Integrated Learning Platform




Ekatra is the first low data / no data learning platform. As per a report by Stanford’s Center for Education Policy Analysis, text message learning is remarkably accessible and effective, Ekatra helps institutions create, deploy, and assess text message-based micro courses that dramatically improve learning and training. As per these studies alongside our own pilots, we learned that because we employ a spaced learning model, user retention of information is dramatically higher. Additionally, we apply microlearning which is more effective and efficient than standard digital learning models. Unfortunately, most learning organizations, nonprofits have overlooked text message learning. Our learning platform helps such organizations focused on career readiness for underserved high schoolers to teach them important job and life skills.


For a simple breakdown of how Ekatra works, once the courses are uploaded onto the Ekatra platform, the teacher can choose what time of day to send their daily text (500-700 characters each), as well as if they want to receive their course over Whatsapp, or SMS. They receive an image for visual cues and followed by an audio call which enables instructors to answer queries of students over a synchronous medium. 


Why are we building this? 

There is a huge digital divide in urban and rural schools. In a recent survey, over 75 pc of students are impacted due to the lockdown as they found it hard to study online, over 80 pc students said they need hand holding to shift from offline to online and over 25 pc said they need proper training to pursue education through online. This is still a dream for the majority of students in India. Most of the parents in India cannot afford OTT platforms for their wards to study. Until now, most ed-tech products catered to tier 1 cities and children from the high-income segment, ignoring the majority of students who come from tier 2, 3 cities and rural areas. 


Having said that, we have seen tremendous growth in engagements upon moving from OTT platforms, We saw an increase of 15x students joined when the audio was switched from Zoom to Phone. 30% more responders upon switching from Whatsapp to SMS and % more students reached out with queries on Phone and SMS.

The Relevance During COVID Crisis: During COVID:  School closures widen learning inequalities and hurt vulnerable children and youth disproportionately. 60.5% of the world’s student population is affected by school closures; 1.05 billion learners out of school; 109 countries affected by school closures. School and university closures will not only have a short-term impact on the continuity of learning for more than 285 million young learners in India but also endanger far-reaching economic and societal consequences.



Our Goals: Our goal, or outcome, is to bring important knowledge to people no matter their circumstances. The outputs of this outcome include organizations and institutions of all types, who hold this important knowledge and aim to serve their own communities. Our main intervention is our platform, which services these organizations by making it very easy for them to distribute fully developed text message courses, and then organize and review user data simply.  We’ve piloted Ekatra with over 500 students with extraordinarily positive results thus far. For context, Ekatra’s origin to current beta stage has been from April 2020 to September 2020. Ekatra is one of the first edtech companies to have access to WhatsApp’s API & OpenAI’s GPT3, allowing us to deploy courses to over 1 billion WhatsApp users. Our inputs have changed over time. 

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