Atmanirbhar Bharat

vruksh panel discussion

Event date:26th Jan 2021.

Host: Amrita Haldipur, co-founder of Raaha.

Moderator: Anupam Pandey, community manager at VEF.

We,Vruksh Ecosystem Foundation celebrated the auspicious national festival – Republic day by organizing a panel discussion of the Misfits series on ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, #vocal for local with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. The conference happened on the zoom platform. The event was quite engaging with the inspiring and informative talks on social startups supporting local artisans.

The event began with Anupam Pandey, who commenced the discussion by introducing Vruksh Ecosystem and Misfits. She also introduced the exceptional panelists and moderators participating.

 Ms.Amrita began the discussion by asking about the panelist’s entrepreneurial journeys and what inspired them?

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title: atmanirbhar bharat panel discussion - Vruksh ecosystem foundation's misfits series

 Akshit Gupta – the co-founder of Rivaayat,  said he was motivated to make a change when he saw potters selling their products on the roadside near their colleges.

To this, Yashaswani Khandelia- project director at Arogaya added, she was inspired to do something when she heard Delhi slum women using ash during menstruations.

The artisan industry still is disorganized. It needs a structure, a platform for artisans to connect with consumers. This gap is what encouraged me to come up with Tisser.

– Dr. Megha Phansalkar

Truly, an intelligent person will do what he wants while a genius will simply do what needs to be done.

When Yashwani was asked about youth’s contribution to the sector, she said the youth of India is very energetic and they are channeling their energy towards the good of the society. Also encouraged them to think big and increase their reach.

When it comes to youth- new ideas, innovations are the words that can’t stay far away.

 Taking this up Megha mentioned how with the consumer wants they have to be innovative with their work. This allows them to make a fusion of various art forms that India is home to. She says that innovation is something that entrepreneurs have a close relationship with.

Later, the floor opened for the audience to ask questions. Indeed an interactive session was organized by Vruksh.

Amrita picked up the inquisitive thought about Youth’s participation not only as volunteers but also as investors in social ventures from the audience to discuss.

‘This will definitely be an extra push for the youth to support social enterprises’, stated Akshit. He says the definition of scale and growth will surely widen with youth participation in investments for social ventures.

Being asked about Arogaya from the attendees Yashwani replied how they involve local women and train them to become women entrepreneurs who further promote Arogaya.

Amrita picked the discussion again with a question about the support the social entrepreneurs require at this time.

To this Megha answered that what really needs to be done is the reframing of the policies so that their implementation scale can improve.

Lastly, the event was closed with the thought that when everyone grows the whole ecosystem grows. Without collaboration, Atmanirbhar seems unachievable.

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