Vruksh is focussed towards building a culture of innovation, problem solving and entrepreneurship in underserved geographies to solve local problems and #BuildTheFuture.  We aim to develop an accessible platform to democratize entrepreneurial learning. Vruksh builds inclusive communities to enable behavioural change and social mobility for new age entrepreneurs. The value of Vruksh lies in its ability to identify synergies and facilitate high impact collaboration acting as a catalyst in the network.  Our ultimate goal is to influence local economies which will help us build a Sustainable Future.  

The problem that we are trying to solve

As the world is ever growing today, we look for challenges that have had little impetus by the startup sector, given there is a rise in the recent times in offbeat startups; Vruksh will focus on strengthening the ecosystem in a few focussed sectors. 

The intent is to develop entrepreneurs in the following areas :

Affordable & Accessible Healthcare

New Age Agriculture

Clean Urban Mobility

Smart Sustainable Cities